Isabelle Sjö

3D, Animation & Graphic Design

Jone Skarbøvik for Greenhouse
Digital Edition

Art Direction, 3D & Animation


Greenhouse is one of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s areas. Here, design schools and young, unestablished designers from all corners of the world showcase their work.

In 2021, Greenhouse was implemented digitally through a web portfolio. The launch took place in connection with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair - City & Digital Edition on February 8, but it will be available throughout 2021.

I made this animation for Jone Skarbøvik who was a part of Greenhouse. Since the exhibition took place online, I made sure that the furniture did things they only could do on a screen. Like hangers gliding on invisible racks, and stools getting into a formation on their own.

3D Animation containing Dripp hangers and Into Nature stools

Additional 3D stills

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︎︎︎Kurppa Hosk
    Junior Designer

︎︎︎Filmic Art

︎︎︎Soja animation


    College of Design

    Visual Communication
    2018 - 2021

︎︎︎Södra Vätterbygdens

    Graphic Design
    & Communication
    2016 - 2018